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Friday, September 03, 2004
  The Cushions Tried To Eat Us!
This was written early this morning at like 10 or 11ish am, just so you know. M'kay!

I just woke up about an hour ago. Maaan, PS and I have a lot of stuff. A LOT! We are now moved in our new house. I think that last night we decided to refer to it as Retro-Wonderland or Retro Toyland or something. I’ll let you know. My brain is dead right now and needs to wake up soon b/c I have to be at work at 5pm. We’ve pretty much gotten everything moved in and most of it unpacked. Hell, I came home from work Wednesday and he’d already started painting the bathroom. My baby looked like a Smurf had shit on him. It was the cutest.

We’ve made lots of progress considering Monday and Tuesday we got everything moved in and now it’s Friday and already starting to feel like home. There is just one thing missing. My baby, Miss Tigger is staying at my parents until Sunday. That is my next full day off and I still have some boxes at their house to pick up anyway. I plan to wake up early, really early. For Sunday is also PS’s 23rd birthday. I’m going to have his room filled up with balloons when he opens his eyes and we’ll be having a small breakfast birthday cake. I don’t want to get a big one b/c we’ll have one at his party which is on the 17th. Our house will be open to guests by then. I mean it looks great now, but we really don’t want to entertain until it is finished! Down to the last knick-knack or candle being put out.

We are both about to die. We don’t have internet until Monday. I just know that I’m going to have 10,000 freaking emails that I won’t read. Don’t you hate that? Oh well, I love our house and will post photos when we get it all hooked up. OH MY GOD! You should have seen PS and me carrying my sofa. It was the funniest thing ever. First of all, that bitch was heavy and second, the cushions kept falling in our faces and tried to eat us! Not to mention that is was like 6am and we’d been moving since about 3pm the day before. Our brains and bodies were shut down. I guess that the cushions picked up on how totally exhausted we were and thought that they would take advantage of us and eat us, but we quickly got away! Oh, and if I only had a picture of me driving the Ryder truck. (To die for, priceless.) I looked like a, well; I looked like a short little lady driving a big ass truck. I was scared to death EVERY time that I had to drive it, but I got some big balls, or so I like to think that I do, anyway, I drove that bitch and didn’t have any accidents. I think that I did well considering I’m used to driving Christopher (my Miata). It felt sooo good to get back to him after we dropped the truck off. I felt as if I could fly or something. I don’t know how many of you girlie girls out there, like myself, have ever driven a big ass Ryder truck, but go do it and then tell me how scared you were.

Now, I have to go and put clothes in the dryer and relax a little before I get ready to go to work. Later!!!

Scoop the poop, where is it?
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