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Thursday, September 30, 2004
  Retarded Unicorns Are Cool
I just finished watching the Presidential debate. I think that Kerry did a great job a putting Bush in his place. Sorry, call me a liberal bitch. I so don't care. Oh well, I'm not here to talk about politics. I'm voting and I know who I'm voting for. Do you?

I just felt like typing a little to talk about my awesome day off. What did I do today? I had sooo much fun. I got to wake up and go put gas in my little golf cart/Miata. I then went to the grocery store. I then got to go by one of my doctor's office and make a payment on my bill from hell. (That was lovely.) At least my balance is slowly getting lower. After that I came home. As I pulled in, PS was leaving to go see his Brazilian gymnist in Memphis. FUN! I hope that they have a wonderful evening b/c mine has freaking sucked harded than any porn star has ever sucked on a 12 inch penis! (I'm a pervert. I thought that you knew that!)

I got home and cleaned the house. I washed my work clothes. I washes 3,472 towels. I washed dishes for 2 hours!!! Two hours, people, that's a damn long time to wash fucking dishes. It was basically a bunch of glasses. We just have a little sink that doesn't hold much and there were dirty dishes everywhere. I just couldn't look at them any longer. Not to mention, I had no plate to make my pb and j sandwich. That was dinner. I haven't felt much like eating these days.

It's like my medication is making me smoke more and eat less. It did this months ago. I don't know if I mentioned it or not. I'm seeing a Neurologist at the end of October. They are going to try and put me on different medication that will control my seizures, but not make me sooo loopy. This Neurontin is making me feel drunk and tired 24/7. That's not good when you're trying to wait tables and get off from work at 1am.

I'm off to watch Eternal Sunshine. PS rented it and said that it was great. I've never seen it, so it better be worth my 2 hours of valuable fucking time.

Scoop The Poop, TUESDAY!!!
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