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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  Have You Ever Beaten Up A Blind Midget?
The title, it's something that Brian from work said to me this weekend. He was so serious when he was asking, I was just looking at him like he was nuts. He was also looking at me like he didn't ask anything strange. I thought that b/c of too much work, lack of food, and lack of sleep that I was going crazy, then he just started laughing. I started laughing along with him only b/c I was glad that I wasn't going nuts and you have to admit, it was kind of funny!

I know that it has been a while since I've really posted, but these days, I'm either working or sleeping. The ONLY reason that I'm awake now is because Ewan McGregor is going to be on Jay Leno. I must watch. He is also one of my Hollywood hotties. He's no Hugh, but I wouldn't complain AT ALL. I guess that my favorites are: you all know Hugh Jackman, Ewan, Matthew McConn(just can't spell it right now, but you know who I'm talking about) etc. There are just SO many that my mind went blank. Oh My God! I just heard a commercial that Duran Duran was the music guests on Jay. Yippiee!!! I must say that I guess that I have a variety of taste in men. Oh, Tobey!

Speaking of Super hero's, Man, I cried like a baby when I heard Christopher Reeves had passed away. I was sitting here on my Precious and heard it on TV. I ran over thinking that they had to be talking about a different Christopher Reeves, but unfortunately, NO. May he walk through the most beautiful clouds as Superman, Clark Kent, or just Mr. Christopher Reeves. May he ride horses and walk again. May his accident help in research. May he FINALLY rest in peace. He will be missed.

OK! Now that I've gotten you all sad, I'm fixing to get ready to watch Leno. I'll post again when I'm not working my ass off. I'm working sooo much that I've lost so much weight. I weigh like 90lbs. Now. That's crazy! I usually weigh like 94-98lbs. I don't feel too thin, but Pepe came up to my work and we hadn't seen eachother in a while and he said that I looked like a skeleton. I swear people, I never have an appetite. (b/c of my medication, I have to make myself eat) Don't worry, I stopped by Chick-fil-A on the way home and got some nuggets and now am going to watch Jay, well, really Ewan and Duran Duran. I could give two shits for Jay. I mean, he's funny, but it's not like I love him and watch him EVERY day like I do Ellen. She comes on every morning at 10am. If PS and I are both here, we watch. I want one of the donkeys that have the cigarettes that come out of it's ass. That is so damn funny. Their online for like 5 dollars. I need one, but gotta go. Be back with some good shit asap!

Scoop The Poop!!! I did it today! Hooray for me!
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