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Saturday, November 20, 2004
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Ok, it's 10:30am here. I've been up and wide ass awake since about 7:30 when PS got home from work. Why is that when we have no where to be in the mornings that we can just hop right out of bed and be happy? I don't know about you, but say I have to be at work at 9am, the alarm will go off and I will lay there for at least 30 minutes hating the world and then slowly get up to be on my way to what will surely be guaranteed to be a shitty fucking day. Yeah, that really makes you want to hop right up, doesn't it?

I just felt like posting this morning. I went to a couple of my Cool Cats and read for a while. I haven't been reading much b/c I was sick for a while, but much, much better now. Thanks for asking! I have a job interview today at 4pm. I still have my other job, but I hate it and quite frankly, the restaurant is going down hill fast. I'm not making the money there that I should be making. If I get the job at Ja's, I'll be making lots of cash! Yippiee!! It's more of a fine dining and one of the best restaurants in town. I love their hours. They are open for lunch mon-fri and dinner mon -sat and CLOSED on sun. (Football, people!) It is family owned an operated. I like that. They all seem to be nice people. This is the kind of place where I could be making close to a 1000 dollars a week. Now, that fucking rocks! The lady called me before I even got home yesterday. I called her back and we so hit it off. I told her where I was working and she agreed that they were going down hill. I told her that I was getting the bills paid, but, I'd like to have money to do things for myself, like shop! She replied, "yeah, a girl's gotta shop!" I hope that this works out. I'll let you know how it goes.

I hate to leave you guys, but the rain has slowed down enough for me to go down to Moo-Moo's and get myself some chocolate milk. TTFN

Scoop the Poop and take out the trash!!!
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