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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
  Time, Time, Time...
I just got home from work a little while ago. I just read a few Cool Cats and felt like posting, so here I am! I know this makes you so happy, me too. I just have a few things to talk about. First, I love my job! I may not be saying this in January, but, as of now, I love it. Everyone is sooo laid back and there is never the feeling of craziness like your about to loose your mind b/c you're so extremely stressed. I'm off work until Saturday night. That's cool b/c I can relax and work on my second thing that I wanted to talk about.

Last night when I got home from work, I had like 2 (maybe 3) beers and started on my Math X-mas cards. I went and bought all of this paint on glue and glitter from hell. I made 2 and they look like they were made by a drunken blind person. (just a little note there for those of you that are getting cards from myself) I think that my little sister is coming over tomorrow to spend the night until I have to go back to work Sat. I think that I'll get her to help me and after looking at the one's from last night, I think that I'll start about 2 hours before drinking. Heee!

OH MY, the weather got so crazy here last night. We had a tornado north of where we live and another south of us. The winds were blowing over 70mph. PS was inside painting and I was just laying on the swing watching the lightning. It was so beautiful. They said on the news that we got like over 1000 lightning strikes in like 15 minutes or an hour or something like that. Anyhow, I came inside and put it on the weather channel and told PS to come look outside. He got up and looked. When he came back inside, it was like 30 seconds later that it just started pouring down. PS felt the air change b/c his ears popped. He then stopped painting and we made a video. He got his video camera. We taped us talking and showing our cute little Retro-Toyland and saying good-bye to people. We thought that we were going to be taken to Oz. As you can read, we're both alive and well. We made it with no damage. Hooray!

Oh, I think that I was talking about this the other day, but I need to start painting again. (if I ever have time) Miss Lucy told me that I could display my artwork in the restaurant. Fucking Fanfuckingtastic! This is a very upscale place and I could easily sell one of my HUGE butterflies for like 3000 dollars. I do paint other things. I paint very abstract and love color. I had a few paintings that I just had and donated them to the Humaine Society. I was just like, fuck it, I'm not doing anything with them. My 2 paintings raised over 1000 dollars for them. That made it all worth it. Yes, I'm an animal FREAK! I do have a few that I hope to work on this weekend, but I do want to finish my cards. Oh, time, where are you? I do plan on posting a link that will show photos of all of my paintings if anyone is interested. (I've just got to find a time when PS and I are here at the same time and have time to do it b/c you know that I don't know how to do it!)

I got a few presents out of the way today. Hooray! I then went to Best Buy (not for me, not for me) and ended up buying Elf, Some Like It Hot, and Someone Like You. I now have all of my Hugh movies on DVD except Kate and Leopold. (I have it on video, they didn't have it. I will find it. It will be my mission!) I don't have the X-men, now that I think about it. I guess the next time that I treat myself, I should get them. Ooops!

I have to go over to the family's house tomorrow. My Mom went out and got her kitchen done where she could cook. The woman LOVES to cook. I talked to her earlier today and she was like, I want you there by noon. I was like, um, I plan on getting off of work, going home, having a beer or two, watching Elf, and sleeping until I wake up. I'll be there after that. Really, I'm off work tomorrow, I'll probably be up by fucking 7am or some shit like that.

Oooh, I went to Burger King yesterday, not for food, but for a SpongeBob SquarePant's watch. It's so super cool. They also had Plankton, but I got SB. Then when I got off of work, I went and got Plankton. They come in these cute little tin things. I want them ALL!!! I will have them.

I'm going to drink one more and watch Elf and if I'm still awake, Some Like It Hot. I love me some Marilyn! I think that this was her best movie. It's just so damn funny. If you think about when it was made, it was pretty bold. Men in drag...

Scoop the Poop while listening to the Bangles!!!
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