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Saturday, January 29, 2005
  Are All Of These Scratches That I'm Getting While Forcing Vodka Down Tigger's Throat Going To Leave Scars?
I was up most of the night last night. I think I finally fell asleep at 4am. I then woke up at 7am to give Miss T her food, water, and meds. This is NOT fun. She's scratching the hell out of my poor hands. She seems to be acting a little better today. She's moving around more. Oh, oh, oh, and she has tinkled twice since my last post!!! That made me feel a little better. She has yet to give me a kiss. (lick my face) She does it all of the time.

I've got a buzz from hell right now. I got up b/c Eliza had her shoes in my stomach again. This bitch is kicking my ass today. Anyway, I had a Mepregan, from when I had my tooth pulled a months ago. You know what I did? I took that fucker! It's just starting to kick in. I'm seeing like 3 computers. Craziness!

I'm just sitting here listening to Annie Lennox's Medusa. (one of my single favorite cds) I just felt like posting, so here I am. I think that I might go and pick out a dvd and watch a movie. Oh, yeah, I'll watch Troy. I've never seen it. My Mom bought it and while I was at her house yesterday I took it. Hey, she borrows dvd's from me all of the time. I do plan on returning it to her. Besides, she's in Cincinatti (sp?) WKRP! (As a child, that was my fav. show. I even had a WKRP t-shirt!

I guess that I'm off to watch my movie and probably end up falling asleep. I do have to be awake at 6pm to make sure PS gets his sick ass out of bed. He's relly trying to make it on time. We'll see!

Oh! I did call dr.dumb ass vet today. He conviently couldn't speak to me at the moment. If I don't get him today, trust me, I'll call mon. I might just even stop by there on our way to see Dr.NNNN. I'll throw a fit in their waiting room. I really don't think that they want that, BUT, if I have to, I surely will! He's got his coming b/c Karma's a bitch!

Scoop the Poop!!!
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