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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
  Do You Have Any Information About The Foreign Object That You Removed From My Pussy?
Yes, I did it! I called the vet. (yesterday and today) I called yesterday b/c she hadn't started eating yet. Dr. Vet said that the medicine probably had not yet fully worn off. I just called today to see if (maybe) they might have heard something from the lab. "No, Miss NN, we'll call you as soon as we hear anything!" I promise to not call them tomorrow, unless I haven't heard from them by 3pm when I have to leave for work! I know and I don't care, I'm that "crazy lady that treats her pet like it's a fucking human! Yes, that's me and I just don't give a big old fuckity fuck-fuck!"

I'm just tired and bithchy. My sleep has basically been like an hour or two here and there. Basically when Miss Tigger wants to snuggle. Then we just end up falling into a sweet and peaceful sleep until...the phone rings and rings and rings. Yep! Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset with anyone calling me. I'm just upset that I keep falling into this wonderful DEEP sleep and as soon as I get there, something wakes me up. I'll start thinking about the test results and the what if's. Earlier we were laying there still listening to Sarah and a few songs played and I just held her so tight and started crying my eyes out. C'mon, test results, be FINE!!!

Tigger did start to eat a little last night. I heard her crunching in her bowl. This morning, I walked over to her bowl with her with the hopes that she'd eat. She just looked at her food, turned her head, flipped me "the tail", and walked off. THEN, I got a little handful and called her to me. She ate them all. She just preferred to have them hand fed to her. (kinda like the fat man and the grapes!) Since then, she's been eating fairly well on her own. I now wish that she'd start to drink a little water. From what I can tell, she hasn't drank much since I put it out for her. I'm just praying that Dr. Vet calls me first thing in the morning with Good News. Then and maybe then, I can close my eyes and get some well deserved non-stressfull rest before I have to go to work. This waiting is driving me looney.

Tigger and I were snuggling earlier (just like we always have) with me laying on my left side and her sleeping on her's with her little head on the pillow and with the covers pulled up on us. It was so cute *beware the following may make the weak vomit* earlier I woke up and I was sleeping with my right arm around Tigger and she had her arm around her baby kitty. Is that not the cutest mental picture ever or what, people?

MCM came by earlier. Actually, he's here right now. They are in PS's room abusing small children or what could have been a bag full og midgets. I dunno! I do know that MCM bought me a mocha cappucinno and a Coke. For that, I am forever in his debt. I'm ever so tired and needed a little pick me up. That's the first cup of coffee that I've had in a while. Oh well, after seeing that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on tv and feeling nauseated after watching all of 10 minutes of the Sports Illustrated Modeling thingy, I had no choice, but to post. Tigger is laying here in my lap. Her stitches look good. She seems to be doing well with her right side. I know she has to be sore.Well, now she has hopped down and is demanding my full attention. Peace, love, and cat-nip!!!

Scoop the Poop and have FUN while doing it!!! Sing a song or something!
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