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Saturday, January 15, 2005
  Don't Say A Prayer For Me Now
I am thinking of sad you and hoping that you soon will rise up from the mud like some new species, improved by the forces of natural selection and ready to out survive and outbreed us humans. You will retain the essence of your former self, the inner strength, free spirit, and smooth skin, yet you will also be newly formed in ways, I, as a human, can only imagine. That is my prayer for you tonight. Life is too short for this moping that you're doing.

An old friend wrote that to me On Jan. 8th last year. I'm just waiting for it to happen! He does have a good way with words. Sometimes they can make me happy and sometimes, they can piss me off!!! I did think it was sweet of him to take the time to write it for me.

It's 7:15am here. I've been up since 6am. Don't ask me why! I went to bed at 10 or 11ish. I woke up at 1am and then went back to sleep. I was awake again by 3am and finally was able to go back to sleep at around 4am only to wake up at fucking 6am on the one day that I can sleep until 3pm if wanted! WTF??? When I woke up at 6am, I felt like i'd swallowed an alien baby or something an it was trying to get out on way or another.

I guess that I should not have taken that box of Famous Amos Chocolate cookies to bed with me to bed. It's really pathetic what I have beside my bed. I have Famous Amos, not one, but two boxes of Cheez-It's, one half full bag of SpongeBob animal crackers, and one empty. I've turned into a little junk food junkie in the past week. Oh well, I may go grab something totally not good for me for breakfast. Since I'm UP!!! I don't know, it's pretty fucking cold outside. Maybe, I'll just have a V-8 and try to go back to sleep. For now, I am just typing random bullshit. Go Jets!!! See.

Scoop the Poop, Go Jets!!! See. Again!
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