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Sunday, January 23, 2005
  Here's Johnny!!!
Written at about noon.

PS and I just had a sweet moment. We're not "those people." I love him and he loves me. I basically just broke down and started crying. I was (and have been) very depressed about being alone. I was in love once and remembering how sweet and wonderful that it was. I then told him that, "you know how people say that there's someone out there for everyone?" What if that's true, but it's not "forever"? It's just a beautiful memory that your left with while longing for that feeling again. What if I've already had my time with him and am never feel that happiness ever again? I also mentioned to him that I was upset that he and Father 'O didn't invite me out with them the other night. He just replied that I was always invited. He thought that I knew that was a given. That just touched my heart when he said that. As, we were both sitting there crying and telling eachother how much we meant to eachother and loved eachother; I told him to STOP IT! Leave! He was on his way to visit some friends in Hattiesburg. (For those of you that do or don't know anything about the NFL; that's where Green Bay's quarterback Brett Farve is from. Though I do prefer to call him Bubba. He just looks like someone that you'd call Bubba. You should hear some of the stories about his behavior, totally Bubba!) Anyhew, it was a sweet moment. He made it there safely, thank dog! He said that he'd be home tomorrow. Though I would love to have him here to watch Desperate Housewives, it's kind of a dangerous drive to make at night. Lots of people have lost their lives on that hwy at night.

I also think that with Eliza arriving any day now and thinking about turning 29 in less than 2 months (march 11th, for those of you that want to send gifts. heee!) is really starting to get to me. I'm just feeling that I'm getting old and will never be married or have a family. I've always wanted children. I want a minnie-me. I'm just sad. SHIT! I've got every fucking right to be for I'm fixing to start the last year of my life that will begin with the number 2. I seriously doubt that I see 200 or want to. For all of you young little chickens out there that think that I'm over reacting or crazy, just wait! Wait until you're cute, single, living with a gay man/your best friend, and you treat your cat as if she were you fucking child! Let me know how you're doing, M'KAY!?!

It's now 6:45 pm.

I just saw on tv that Johnny Carson passed away. No fucking way, man!!! That's sooo sad. I thought that he was pretty healthy. I remember watching him on the Tonight Show. (showing my age, see!) It's a weird feeling. He was just one of those icons that was susposed to live forever. I guess that his grieving young wife will just have to buy herself an island, move, and mourn in peace. Poor girl! (I know, I'm an evil bitch, but you already knew that!)

Have I ever mentioned to you that I HATE the Patriots? They're playing the Steelers now. I'm pulling for the Steelers, even though they beat my Jets last weekend. That should show you the extent of my hate for them. From what it looks like (unless the Steelers can pull a miracle from their assholes) our Super Bowl will be the Eagles and the Patriots. That sucks! I just want to be able to pull for a team that I give a shit about. I could care less for both, but GO EAGLES!!!

I actually left the house today. The hunger took over. I went and ate some chinese. It was yummy. I then, since I was right next to it and all, went to Stein Mart and bought myself a lovely pink tie for work. I have a navy blue one and would much rather wear pink. Nicole got the same exact one in red and told me that they had pink. I went there and they had ONE left. It was meant to be. It was also on sale for 12 dollars! Hooray for me! Oh My Dog!!! There's this new guy starting at work tomorrow and Nicole met him the other night. I was asking the usual. Is he cute? Was he nice? Etc... She said and I swear I'm not lying; "he looks like that guy that plays Wolverine in the X-Men, what's his name?" HUGH FUCKING JACKMAN!!! I'm anxious to get to work tomorrow and see just how Hugh he is. If he's cute, at least I'll have someone pretty to look at while at work! I'll let ya know!!!

Scoop the Poop, tuesday, promise!!!
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