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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
  I'm Not Getting Sick Like PS And Our "Precious". Nope, Not Gonna Do It!
Written at 5:30pm.

Our "precious" is sick at the moment, but I just had to write. I've had the most amazing day. My best female friend (Alice) came up to my work today. I thought that she was there to eat, NO, she was there to fill out a job app. Hooray!!! Oh, she also ate a lunch salad and the bitch tipped me 5 dollars, though, I told her not to tip me shit! I just love her. Anyway, Alice starts tomorrow at 10am. She'll only be working lunches mon-fri. I'm ever so happy that they hired her not only b/c she's one of my 2 friends, but b/c that's one more female that we'll have. With Alice, we now have 4. We will overcome!!! I'm sooo excited b/c we can ride to work together and stuff. Happiness!

I got home at about 2:30pm and the computer was just black. I was like, WTF? I then went into PS's room to ask him about it and also tell him that his sister-in-law was our newest employee. He (bless his heart) looked like total shit! I told him to go ahead and call work and tell them that he wasn't going to make it in tonight. His tonsils were so swollen that you could literally see his right one bulging from his neck. I looked like he'd swallowed a chicken bone / a rather large penis/ sumthing? I quickly gave him some money and he went to the doctor. Yep, he just called. He's got strep throat, VERY contagious!!! I guess that we won't be making out any time soon. That sucks b/c he's a grrreat kisser! (I know you thinking, how'd she know, but she knows, baby, trust me!) I guess that I'll have to play the part of the drunken nurse tonight. I've had 2 beers and am working on number 3! I have a very low tollerance. Hey, I'm a cheap date/drunk. Anyone? Anyone?

Anyhow, when I got off work I went by my Mom's work to pick up my package from my LP and finally see her hair. It looks 1000 times better than before. It truly looks like she cut 10 years off her age. I called her when I got home and reminded her of how fabulous that it looked and made her look so much younger! I could tell, as bah-hum-bug that she is, that she truly appreciated the compliment! Gotcha' Mom! I love me some Mom, you just don't know. That's it! I'm going to do an entry one day all about Mom. That way y'all can get a better understanding of her. You'll either love her and think that she's one strong tough little bitch or hate her b/c she's a hard core republican. It's up to you, but if you find yourself hating the woman that gave my awesome self the gift of life, P-lease, go away! I don't need you here. It was nice of you to visit, but you must be going NOW! 'Cause if you don't love Mom, you don't love me! Anyway, I totally loved her hair and am sooo glad that she went a chopping! Enough about her. She's an all day entry to herself!!!

My SLP, Dawn, sent me the most awesomely comfortable pair of slippers EVER! They are these HUGE pink Patrick (from SpongeBob, for the idiots out there) slippers that are squishy on the inside. They are so fucking comfy. I love them! I'm wearing them as I type. I wish that I could wear them to work, but I'm sure that they'd frown upon them and make me put my dress shoes back on. Oh well, I might wear them in and just see how long it takes before someone says something about them. Like, WTF is that on your feet? Heee! I'm such a pain in the ass, but you already know that. I hope!

It was like 70 something today. I left work with the top down. It was lovely! The fucking low tonight is 40 and the high for tomorrow is 50. What in the hell? I'm sooo confused. I never know what to wear anymore. Oh well, that's all part of living in the luvly south!

Scoop the Poop, tomorrow after work, I promise!!!
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