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Saturday, January 22, 2005
  Let It Grow...
Howdy, people! How are ya? Me, cold as a strawberry snow cone! It's 11pm. I just got home from work about 30 minutes ago. I'm sitting here with Miss T in my lap and listening to one of my Eric Clapton's G.H. cd's. I wanted to listen to the Derick and the Domino's cd. As I looked for it, I realized that it was gone. That's like my fav-o-rite albumn that he's ever done and my dumb ass has lost it. Grrreat, I guess that I'll now have to replace it. Shit! Tonight was pretty much a repeat of last night at work, though I did get home much earlier. I guess that I can look at it this way; that was a couple of hundred dollars that I didn't have this afternoon!

I got home and PS and MCM's cars were here, music playing, and lights on. I thought they were here. I guess that they went out with someone else. I tried to call PS, but if he's out, he probably can't hear his phone anyway. So, I'm assuming that they are out, unless they are hiding in a closet waiting to jump out and scare the ever living hell out of me!!!

As I was getting ready for bed last night; I read some old journal entries that I have in my many journals. I just started crying my eyes out b/c I feel that I'm truly destined to be alone. I just want "someone". I was listening to David Gray which didn't help. That cd brings back some memories of fun times. It's kind of why the Dark Side Of The Moon cd reminds me of Texas. Don't ask me why! It just reminds me of looking at the stars and seeing them like I've never seen them before. It also reminds me of a rock, craziness!!!

My schedule for next week totally sucks. I don't have one day off. I work a double on mon., 10am on tues., 10am on wed., thurs. 11am. (maybe that night, don't know yet), 10am/4:30pm on fri., and 4pm for sat. I'm sooo tired right now that I could probably just rest and do nothing for the next 3 days. No, I have a whole 24 hour off work. I hate that b/c there are things that I want to do (like shop) and visit family, but I'm just so damn tired from my week that I usually just end up staying home and doing nothing. I took an Ambien last night and got a really good night's sleep. I woke up this morning with tons of energy. I left to go and get my medicine and something to eat before work. Maybe I'll wake up the same in the morning! If I do; it'll probably be so fucking cold that I don't want to leave the house. I hate Mississippi weather!!!!!!! It was 70 degrees yesterday and now it's like 20. This sucks!

I will probably try to go to my familie's tomorrow/today/whatever. I need to wash my work clothes and pick up a few things. There is a painting out there that's been in HH's room forever. It's a HUGE 5 x 4 canvas. I'm almost finished with it. The background it a very bright yellow. (it's actually called canary yellow) It is of a huge butterfly that covers the whole canvas, just about. The butterfly is a bright sapphire blue. I want to finish it. It'll probably only take me an hour or so. I also want to finish PS's painting. Hopefully, I'll be motivated and it won't be ever so cold. I was even thinking, the other day, that I wanted to rake our front yard. There are leaves everywhere. Seriously, you can't even see grass. I'm just curious to see if there is any under all of those leaves. When it's much warmer, I'll let ya know. I know that you care oh so much.

I guess that I'm going to finish listening to my cd and get ready for bed b/c my fingers are falling off as I type. TTFN!!!

Scoop the Poop!!! Just one more fucking thing that I have to do today, Urrgh, and take out the garbage. I love my life.
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