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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
  A Nervous Mother Indeed
When we got home from Dr.Vet yesterday, I put Miss Tigger in the bedroom like I was told. I put on Pink Floyd for her and after hours of Dark Side of the Moon; we switched over to Sarah McLachlan. She just laid on her little blanky and barely moved. When she did try to walk, she would just fall down b/c she was sooo doped up. After going in and checking on her evry 5 minutes, I just decided to make myself a little spot next to her (on the hard wooden floor) where I could lay next to her. We laid there for hours. Finally at about 3am, she fell asleep. Iguess it just took that long for the drugs to wear off. It was so cute when she fell asleep. She has this toy and it's a small kitten. When she fell asleep, she put her little paws around him like he was her fucking teddy or something. (it's times like that that I wish I knew how to work our computer's camera, oh well.) I just slept down there with her. We've been up off and on since, but now are REALLY awake. She's getting back to her old self by opening cabinets and doors that are NOT to be opened. She even jumped up on top of the loveseat in the bedroom where she could look out of the window. I checked her little bo-bo and it looked good. No unnecessary bleeding or anything like that was going on. Hooray! My only concern is that she has yet to eat, drink, or use the restroom. I'm sure that I'll be here watching her like a hawk all day today.

I do have a doctor's apt. today at 11:30am, but I don't want to go. If he weren't like 5 miles away, I think that I'd have to reschedule. I just don't want to leave her. Call me the crazy overbearing cooky cat owner! I so don't give a shit!!! That will be the only thing getting me out of the house today!

I swear people, my head hurts so bad today from crying like an emmy winning soap opera actress ALL day long yesterday. I think I need a bc powder. Agrh!!! I haven't cried like that in a LONG time. I don't think that I've cried like that since my Grandmother died. Damn, that was years ago. I'm so tired, but can only sleep for an hour and then I wake up. This has gotten me so stressed out that my stomach is all fucked up and I want to vomit when I eat. I know that I'm going to feel this way until we get those test results. God, please be good news. I've been a good girl. Please don't make my kitty suffer.

Well Alice is over to help me get a better look at her stitches. Everything looks good. Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got to get ready for the doctor. Later, I'm sure.

Scoop the Poop if you love them!!!
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