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Saturday, January 15, 2005
  No More Jets, I Want To Cry
Ok, about my jets. They played the Steelers today, well, yesterday. It's 12:02 am. I just got home from work. Anyway. The game was tied 17-17. Our kicker had a chance to kick a field goal and win, BUT it hit the post and didn't count. Then in overtime, the little bastard had the same chance. One field goal and you win, you could go to the Super Bowl! WTF does he do? He does the same FUCKING thing. Needless to say, they lost and I'm pissed. I hope that all of the Jets ganged up on him and kicked hiss ass. Obviously, he wouldn't be able to kick back b/c he SUCKS!!! Ok, enough of that. I'm getting worked up and I need to unwind.

Work was alright tonight. I made good money. I made a lot more than I thought I did. That's always a good thing. I love my job!

HH wants to meet up tomorrow and watch her Colts play the Patriots. We usually go to this sports bar where everyone in there calls me Jets girl. Ha! Ha! HH is a HUGE Colts fan. I would like to go just b/c I hate, hate, hate the Patriots and would love to see the Colts kick their ass, but it's sooo freaking cold here that I just don't want to leave the house. I think the high for today/tomorrow is 40 degrees or something. I would much rather just lay on the couch and watch the game here. I would ask HH if she wanted to watch it here, but she likes to go and drink daiquiris and play Ms. Pac-Man. It's really not about the football at all. Maybe I'll feel better after a good night of rest and watch the game with her. BUT, I'm still not sure.

I'm just not sleepy right now. I'm just sitting here listening to Dark Side Of The Moon. It's a good cd to mellow out to. You know how when you leave work, you're like, "I'm sooo tired, I'm going home and going straight to bed!!" then you get home and your wired? That's basically how I feel right now.

I work my ass off next week. I work a double mon. I work every lunch. I work a double fri. and I work sat. night. I'm going to be so fucking tired this time next week. The money will be good, guess I can't complain. Thank God that we're closed on sundays!!!

I guess that I must be going for there is a Tigger in my lap (making it hard to type) demanding attention. (imagine that) I guess that I'm going to see whats on the tele. or watch a movie or write in journal or read or just go to sleep. Who Knows?

Scoop the Poop, tomorrow/today, I promise!!!

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