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Thursday, January 27, 2005
  What The Fuck?
Ok, yesterday, I get home and PS is sick. Today, after although, Eliza came up to work, it was a grrreat day having Alice there. We left work and went by Target where I could get some Therma Care for Eliza. She really appreciates the person that invented them. Oh, and before I left the shopping center, I stopped by Pier 1 and got 3 cans of my Ginger Peach spray. I'd ran into Randolph (the only person that is still left from when I worked there) and he said they got some in this morning. They held them for me! I love Pier 1.

Anyway, my whole point being, is that how can a day start out so wonderful and end up so fucking shitty? I know that I've asked this before, but what's the answer? Shit Happens! P-lease! I got home and went into the bedroom to see that Miss T had thrown up. It looked black against the hard wood floor, but when I cleaned it up, it looked green. Almost like liquid grass, but she's had no grass. I then went to change her water and found that she really hasn't been eating or drinking much this week. I then freaked and called the vet. They said for me to get her up there asap. Off we went! My usually Dr. Vet wasn't there, so I got to see Dr. Idiovet instead. He gave her a shot for her nausea. It seems to have her moving around a little more. I have to take her back sat to see the real Dr. Vet at 8am. for bloodwork. I'm sure she's gonna love that!

Anyway, this fucking idiot tried to sit there and basically try and tell me that with her being an "old" cat, excuse me, Dr, Dumbass, but very pampered house cats can live to be in their late 20's, 11 years is not fucking OLD. Got it? I'm no vet, but even I know that. He was basically trying to prepare me for the worst and by saying that she's had a long life. Bullshit!!! This cat is only 11 and I'll be a damned crazy fucking bitch if I loose her now. I'm telling you, people, I treat her as a child. I love her! She's never left me and she' s not going to now.

Now listen to the treatment that we must follow until sat. At 7pm I gave her 9cc's of mushy prescription food followed by 10cc's of lemon-lime Gatorade. I have to do it again at 9pm, and again at 11pm. I then have to sit and watch her a see how she's acting. Did I mention that I work a double tomorrow? I have to get up at 7am and give her the usual feeding. Then, before I leave I have to give her 18cc's of food and the Gatorade. I have to give her 18cc's b/c I probably won't be home until after 11pm. I then have to start all over sat. Hopefully by then, she'll be eating or drinking on her own. God, I hope so! She's just laying in my lap now as I type. The poor baby. She really doesn't feel well. At least after tomorrow at work, I'm off until tuesday. I don't know how it happened. Don't ask. I know I'm not! At least I can be here with her. I just hope that I'm not the next one to get sick b/c I can't afford it!

Scoop the Poop and enjoy it, for you never know when it may be the last time that you scoop!!!
People, I just sent PS to get me a six pack. It's going to be a very long night. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out and feel that I'm about to have a nervous break down!!! Pray, chant, do a dance, or just send your good vibes our way b/c we could surely use them. I'm now crying so freaking hard that I can't even see the computer. Later.

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