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Monday, January 03, 2005
  The Worst Day EVER!!!
Allright, I took Miss Tigger to the vet to get her shots. I showed Dr.Vet her knot thingy. He was rubbing it and said that "it" just didn't feel right. I asked him if he thought that "it" should be removed. He said, "Yes!" So, they gave my baby a shot to make her loopy and put the little gas mask on her head. I stayed in there the whole time. I just pet her and talked to her telling her that Mommie was here and everything was going to be a. ok! I watched as Dr. Vet did the little surgery. The knot was sooo much bigger than "it" felt. He determined that "it" was a tumor and cut off everything that it had spread to. I sat there and cried like my Mother had just died or something!?! He's sending "it" off to the lab tomorrow and I should find out thurs. or fri. if it is maligant or beign (spelling on that, I dunno, don't care, you get it). I'm sure that I won't get a wink of sleep until I get those test results. God forbid, that "it" does turn out to be maligant, Miss Tigger will start chemo next week. Needless to say, NN has had her fair share of anti-anxiety medicine today and am still fucking stressed to the max!!! Like, totally!!! (Why have I always talked like a fucking valley girl with the voice of a chipmunk? I dunno either!)

Dr. Vet told me that the medicine that they gave her would probably make her hallucinate. SO, he told me to put her in her room with the lights out and play calming music for her. I've put on her fav-o-rite cd, Pink Floyd's , Darkside of the Moon. So far, so good. She's just laying on her blanky with her baby and being a good little girl. While really, in her mind, she's probably laying there tripping her ass off to some Pink Floyd. Anyhew, she's doing fine for now. I know that I will be up ALL night with her. So, I'll probably be posting again later!

PS and I are going to give the new show Medium a chance at 9pm. I hope that it doesn't suck gopher's balls, but if it does, it's not like I'm going to slit my wrists or anything! We are also going to watch The Mandarin Orange Candidate. It's supposed to be REALLY good. Well, we'll just see about that and let you know. You do know that the movie Darkness sucks old lady poondada? If not, go to lactating powder and read PS's entry entitled "If Madonna Made A Hooror Movies". I's a gotta go and check on my baby! Later...

Scoop the Poop, right now, I say FUCK it!!!
that was a nice post! bytheway, was that your tabby? ultra cute!!!
happy new year
by the way, i found a blog about cats too. it is:
ofbitsandpieces.blogspot.com. might wanna check that out
lily, if you're reading. thank you for the sweet comments. i've just had the time to visit your blog and want to add you to my cool cats, if that's ok with you. thanks, you're a sweetie!!! (not a looser, OK!)

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