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Thursday, August 04, 2005
  I Trust NO One
I should have never bragged about how happy I was yesterday. I stayed at my parent's house last night where I could have the house bug bombed. I got home today and found that my front window had been busted and my laptop was gone along with some jewelry. I called the police and they quickly came. The officer said that it looked as if it had happened early this morning. The scariest part is that he said that it was probably someone that I know. He said if it was just a "normal" break in that my house would have looked like a tornado hit it. Everything was in it's place. (except the window) He said that they would have taken the flat screen TV, DVD player, DVD'S, CD'S, my autographed Eric Clapton record, and my autographed Joe Namath helmet. He definitely thought that someone was trying to send me a message. He said that I didn't need to stay there tonight and actually recommended that I move.

I've got news for the burglar, "Come on back tonight, tomorrow, or whenever the hell you want because your going to find a bullet in your ass and I can't wait to put it there! Damn you, you son of a bitch, how dare you bust my fucking window and fuck with my shit? You must have very small balls to pick on a little girl like me, but I will have my revenge and oh how sweet it will be! YOU GOT THAT? ARE YOU READING?" I dare you to go back! As a matter of fact, I wish you would. I would love to see you bleed, you sissy assed mother FUCKER!

Well, enough about my shitty day! How was yours? I've already found a new place to live. It just pisses me off because I was finally making that house a home. But, shit happens, right? I'm still looking foward to my weekend. It's actually the only thing that has kept me from absolutely loosing it. I just feel sooo violated. My home has been raped. That's what it feels like. Man, I wish I would have been there because I would have shot their ass before they even made it onto my front porch. Who knows, I could be there right now? Come on over, Mother Fucker, and lets finish what you started! I FUCKING dare you!

Deep breath! Ok. I hope that all of you have a great weekend. I know I will. I'm sure that I'll have plenty to write about Monday. Maybe the dickless fuck will be in jail by then. He/she made a BIG mistake and dropped something on the way out. Ooops! Should I have not said that? Anyhew, the police are pretty sure that they can get a finger print off of it. So, GUESS WHAT, you, Mr/Ms. Burglar are fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all of my loyal readers, have a fantastic weekend! I'll be back on Monday with an update. It just amazes me that you can go from feeling ever so good and within 24 hours feel like total shit. But, once again, this is only a little something that will make me a stronger bitch than I already am.

Holy crap! Good LORD nat nat! You have had some Drama little Miss!. So sorry about your house being burgled, I hope they find your stuff, and that your move goes well. Let us know how things are going with your new beau too. Much love and smoochies to Brando too.
thanks suz! i'll keep you posted. Brando and I both send smoochies!
luv ya,
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