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Thursday, September 08, 2005
  Has Everyone Forgotten About Missississippi Or What?
Don't get me wrong, I was born and raised in Louisiana and seeing and hearing about what has happened in New Orleans has broken my heart. But, has the news, media, whomever forgotten about the Gulfcoast and Biloxi. IT IS GONE!!! They are still finding dead bodies, as they are in the Big Easy. This just saddens me so deeply because our state was effected by the storm all the way to the northern part of the state. I'm just so damn sick of everytime I turn on the TV, all they are talking about is New Orleans. Once again, don't get me wrong. It will NEVER be the same down there. I'm going to miss the hell out of it. I'm also going to miss the hell out of Biloxi.

There have been several people from the south (anywhere the storm hit) that have dropped off their animals here to the rescue center and said that they would be back for them. They have yet to return. This whole tragedy is breaking my heart. To see people that live right down the street from me that are now homeless because of this is totally heartbreaking. I just wish that there was something more that I could do.

I have gone to local Vets. to see if they will donate supplies that are needed for the horses that are staying here. We gathered a few supplies. I only hope that it helps. This is just a devasting desaster. All I ask of you is that you donate to the Red Cross. If everyone out there just donated a dollar, you just don't know how much it would help those in need of your help. Believe me, there are thousands. By the time they get threw counting all of the dead bodies, it is going to more than triple the tragedy of Sept. 11th.

On a very depressing note, I must leave you now. I am baby sitting the most beautiful baby boy in the world. Pray for us!

hey, thanks for posting that about mississippi. I lived in N.O. for about 4 years, so my heart is breaking for them also, But i feel that miss. has all but been forgotten. Anyway, thanks again.
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