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Sunday, September 25, 2005
  "The Heart Has Its Reasons In Which Reason Knows Nothing" Blaise Pascal
Written at 1:45pm

Yes, I was watching Someone Like You AGAIN!!! I'm not going to get to watch my JETS game. I might as well veg out and watch Hugh all day. Correct? Thought so!

Well, Rita didn't do much damage to my part of town. We're just getting lots of rain and tornadoes. That's really no biggie, that's just Mississippi weather for ya. I just feel so very badly for New Orleans. I mean, This doesn't look like it will be the last hurricane. I hate this! For as long as I can remember (being that that I was born and raised in La.) I could always take off and run to New Orleans for the weekend. (even back in high school) It was great! I just wonder if it will ever be the same. I sure as hell hope so. OK! OK! OK! I'm sick of hurricane talk!

I'm now giving myself a Burt's Bees Wax facial. I'm now giving myself a marshmallow facial peel. (smells good, we'll see) It's almost time to take it off....Oh yeah, I took it off and I feel as if I actually got some of that damn glass out of my face. It feels great!!! I too, feel great! I must be on my way now to finish watching more Hugh. It's almost at my favorite part. I know that you all know what part that is, when he's in his undies. I just love it! Yummy!!! I guess these movies are the only movies keeping me happy these days considering that I'm BORED AS HELL!!!


5:30pm Wasn't Bored For For Long!

There was a tornado warning for the city that I live in earlier. I was watching the tele. and heard the sirens go off. I then put it on the local weather channel. They said that a tornado had been spotted just a few miles away from where I live.

OK, now, I'm scared shitless, but, I must remain calm. I quickly grabbed Brando and we went and hit in our little shelter that I made for us in the spare bedroom closet. The floor has a pet taxi to put him in, but today he stayed in my lap. It's full of bags of my summer clothes that were on each side of us. It's also full of blankets and pillows and above us are my fall clothes. Ironic, if anything were to fall on us, it would be my fall clothes. How funny is that?

OK! After a very eventful good 45 minutes in the closet, I'm now over at Brad and Liz's house using their computer. We all just have a terrible need to get drunk and I think we are. (even the chicken) This is suspossed to be going on all week. How fantabulous is that?

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