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Monday, September 05, 2005
  My Experience With Katrina
Written on Aug. 30, 2005 at 8:30p.m.

(The Hurricane came through yesterday, but I'm starting my writings with the day after there aftermath.)

I'm sitting here at my apartment all of my candles lit and an old oil lantern burning. I just finished off my last bottle of Merlot and have just drank my last beer. Now all have left is semi-cold water that I put in the freezer before the power went out yesterday at about 1:30pm. They say that we'll be lucky to have it on by the weekend. It could even be as late as Sept. 10-14th. I guess that I'll just sit here, (hot as hell) Chainsmoke, and tell you about my experience with Katrina.

It started to rain pretty hard early yesterday morning at about 4am and just progressively got worse. Thank God, my house, my parent's house, my friend's and neighbor's homes were also unharmed!!!There were HUGE oak trees in my front yard that were just snapping like damn toothpicks. They were falling down left and right. (barely missing my house, I'm so lucky.) I went outside to run to my uncle C's house, at one point, I felt like Dorothy, but I can assure you that I was not in Oz. We had winds up to 90mph. It was absolutely crazy. It finally died down about 7pm.

I didn't want to leave my house that night because of the cat and the fact that everything that I own was there. It wasn't a bad night. (not after a bottle of merlot, ha! ha!)

I guess what I'm saying is that I wasn't scared to be there alone. Most of my neighbors were home as was my Uncle. Tonight, it's only the Godfather and myself. My Uncle went to Monroe to stay with family members. All of the other neighbors have left to either go to shelters or stay with what family did have electricity. So...Tonight, I'm terrified to be here alone. I do have a pretty powerful machine gun just in case someone decides to fuck with me. Oh, I really, really hope that no one decides to. I really don't feel like killing anyone after all of this.

My Dad has electricity at his office. So, he, HH, and my Grandmother are on their way there. My Mom is at her house all alone and crazy. She is suspossed to come by and check on me on her way down to my Dad's office. I'm sure she'll try to get me and Brando to go with her, but the office is small enough and I'd just rather stay home and stick it out. I'm sure we'll be ok. We'll be hot as hell and my sinuses will be killing me, but, I'm just praying that we'll be ok!

I think that tomorrow after I get my seizure medicine refilled that Mom, Brando, and myself are going to take off to Louisiana until the power is back on. This is absolute torture. Though, it could have been a hell of a lot worse. Thank you, God! At least my house is still standing. That's a lot more than most Mississippians have. I am so very thankful that no one that my family or any of my friends were hurt during this Hurricane. I have so much to be thankful for. I love you, Pepe! I just wish that I had someone that could come and spend the night with me. Hell, they could bring alcohol and we could just sit up and play board games all night or just talk. Sounds like a good plan, but there are no candidates. Even if there were, I'd have no way of calling them. Hell, even if I could drive to get beer, wine, ice, etc. I'd have to drive like 30 miles away from here to get it and that's not counting how long it would take just to wait on ice. This man shot his own sister in the head and killed her the other day over a fucking bag of ice. Is that some shit or what?

I'll probably end up sitting up all night where I can keep my lantern and candles lit. That way, for any little thieves out there, it will look like someone is home. *Oh, don't even get me started on cleaning out my refrigerator!* I had just spent over 100 dollars on groceries and now all I have to show for it is some bottled water and a loaf of bread.



Well, my Mom just came by and said that it was way TOO HOT to stay at her house and that she way on her way to my Dad's office. She wanted me to go, but I felt much safer now that I saw that my neighbors Brad and Liz were home. They were on their way over. Not only were they on their way over, they were bringing vodka, mixers, ICE, and a portable DVD player. So, I think we'll be cool. (not as in cold, but as in swell)


After a few drinks, things are much better. We are now listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. (Good times! Good Times!) Brad is trying to call the people that he got his DVD player from because they left out his remote. I'm just laughing at him, like his damn phone is going to work. Heee!!!


Neighbors just went home and I just took a little dark bath and brush my teeth before I sit down to smoke my last pack of smokes. (Speaking of, I should light up really quick. Ahhh!!!) Yummy! I think that I'll actually be able to get a few hours of sleep now knowing that they are next door. Brando has had no problem in that department. He's been sleeping all damn day! Oh, to be a pampered house cat! Man, if there is reincarnation, Dear God, please remember what a good pet owner that I have been and still am.

The word going around now is that we'll be lucky to have our power on by mid Sept. Now, that sucks the big one. I could handle it if :

1. My phone was working.

2. I had a case of Big Ass Merlot!

3. It wasn't 200 degrees outside!

I'm really not too sure if I can handle this for nearly two weeks or longer. Pray for me. I need all I can get!

Anyhew, I got myself a a good little buzz going. (feeling groovy) I thought that you'd appreciate knowing that! My family is safe as am I and the Godfather. So, now I must say goodnight/morning and try to get at least a few hours of sleep in. Brando is already one step ahead of me.

I just need to go and smoke my pack of cigs. and blow out all of this fire I have going on in here. Then, I'm going to try my damnest to go to sleep!


Alrighty than, that was about 12 pages that I had written in my journal just on the 30th. I have lots more to type.(like 60 pages) Examples: PURINA sucks ass, animals, and humans are being treated like total shit down here. I'll get to all of that later. Right now, my ass is tired from sitting in this chair and typing for an hour plus I'm tired. But, but, but, but...we just happened to stop by my house today to grab some clothes and the lights were on. Thank the Lord! I think that I'm fixing to go and take a very long hot (not too hot, ha! ha!) bath in my own tub and continue with this later.I'd like to thank all of my concerned readers, for thinking of me in this time of crisis. You know, I'm fine. It's going to take more than a Hurricane to bring me down. I love you all!!!

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