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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  Thanks For The Gift Katrina, Mice! What Ever Happened To Giving Alcohol Or Shoes?
Written on 9-26-05 at 3:20 pm

Well Brando found the mousehole today. It's the hole that the toilet pipe goes into. He just stood in front of it and growled at it. I was just like ok. Good job! Well, just a few moments ago, I was standing in the bathroom fixing my hair in front of the mirror. All was good in the world until this freaking mouse comes running out of my bedroom and ran right in front of me and into the hole that Brando had found. I didn't have time to scream. I just went and found some paper to stuff the hole with, in my sketck book. I also stuffed every hole under the sink and so on.

I then called my landlord and asked him if he thought that there was anything we could do about this. He said yes and came by after work. He asked me if I thought that they could be coming in through the back door. It has a very small crack in it. I told him that I thought that even that was too small. That was until I was sitting on the loveseat and saw a small mouse run from my room to the art studio. That was it, I'd had it ! I was going to kill it, but I could not find it. I then saw it run from my studio and go into a small crack on the floor. (One much smaller than the on on the back door.)

Man, all I want to do right now is take a nap, but I'm sooo afraid to wake up to more gifts from Brando. I'm not sure if I told you about that or not. I was asleep on the couch (thank God, I sleep in a ball and am tiny) and woke up. I saw what I thought were two of Brando's play mice on the couch. Something just told me to turn on the light. When I did, I found not one, but two dead mice on the end of the couch. Thanks Brando!!!



What Is It With Me And Mice?

OK, you know how I told you about the mouse problem? I've had a little over 3 hours sleep since yesterday after seeing the mice. I'm scared to use my bathtub. I had to go over to Liz's to take a shower because I would die if I were rinsing my hair of to look down and see a mouse in the tub with me. We'd have to change the name from cats in the tub to mental patients in the tub!

Ok, the landlord, Mickey Mouse, stopped by yesterday. He said that he was going to fix the area around the pipes and now the back door. He said that he'd be there thurs. To fix it. I'm sorry, nothing against him, but these places are not cheap and should already be fixed.I stayed up all night just listening to that damn mouse stuck in the wall. I watch the tele for a while. I then watched X-Men 1.5 and X-Men 2.

I called Mickey (landlord, not mouse) and told him that I had sticky traps EVERYWHERE! I really feel as if I'm going crazy at night. That's when they start moving around the most. Thank god that he's coming tomorrow. I don't think that I can take anymore of this. I may be forced to come and sleep over here. I'm sure that they would love that. Ha! Ha!

I'm going with Liz to the doctor in the morning. We are then coming back here to cut my hair. (I love that I've made a friend that lives like 10ft. away, is a licenses cosmentologist, and is cutting my hair for free. Ain't nothing wrong with that!) I'll let you know how it turns out. (Well, it's now wed, she just cut it and I have a cute little little bob. I love it!)

Anyhew, why are the mice fucking with me? I've always loved them. I mean Mickey (not the landlord) is my favorite, but I don't discriminate. I like Speedy and I love Mighty Mouse. I've got the coolest Mighty Mouse t-shirt in the world.

I've been collecting Mickey Mouse dolls, blankets, snow globes, tea pots, magnets, you name it. I've been collecting my entire life. My first toy was a stuffed Mickey doll that I still have, of course. For heaven's sake, when I got my first bed, it had Mickey sheets and pillow cases. I still sleep on that same pillow and pillow case every night. I even lost my virginity laying on that pillow. How about them apples? I guess after over 25 years of being slept on, it's quite comfy.

I guess that they are mad at me for all of the years of feeding them to our snakes. I'm sorry guys. It wasn't my favorite thing to do. I don't do it anymore, but you guys have just got to remember:; circle of life, guys, circle of life! Sorry!

By the way, my hair looks fantastic!!!!!!!!

i can't believe that you still sleep on the same pillow and case that you lost your virginity on. that is so cool!

to the mice: circle of life, circle of life.
dear anonymous,

yes i do still sleep on the same pillow and pillow case. thanks for thinking it's cool and not crazy!

thanks for seeming to agree with me on the circle of life thing!

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