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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
  ...Of The Way We Were
I just found lots of old CD's that I've yet to unpack. I found all of my old Concrete Blonde Cd's. Oh, me ever so happy! Listening to these Cd's just brings back soo many high school memories (good ones) for me. I love this, feeling happy, if only for a moment. Who knew an old Cd could put put such a big smile on one's face? It reminds me of my friend, Don. Now he's an entry all to himself. He was gay in high school, but always denied it, but I knew because I'm a fruit fly!I convinced him to come out, oh, and come out he did. He started doing drag under the name Mia Dubra after the fact. God, I miss him!!!>>>I was watching Extreme Home Makeovers last Sunday, which I try not to watch because everytime I do, it makes me cry like a baby. Anyway, it was about making over a home for these disabled children. It just made me feel like a little bitch for all of the moaning and groaning that I do about my problems when there are sooo many people out there that have it far worse than I do. >>>I'll admit, I do have my problems, but compared to these kids, I don't have shit! Why does there have to be so much hurt and disease in the world? It really makes you think.>>>On a lighter note, my Jets lost again last Sunday. I hope they lose every other game for the rest of the season. You may be wondering why I'd want my favorite team to lose all of their games, but we need a good draft pick. We need a new quarterback. As fine and great as Chad Pennington is, he's always hurt and now, he's just broken. We need someone that can take us to the Super Bowl.>>>Why don't people like me? I don't understand. Afterall, I am the nicest fucking person that you and I know just have one question, if I'm so fucking nice, why do people use me and only seem to want to be around me when they need or want something? I don't get it!!! Someone please explain it to me because I sure as hell don't understand why everyone has to be shitty to the nice girl.>>>I'm just fixing to stick to my painting, reading, and writing on my books. If someone really wants to hang out with me, they'll have to prove themselves!>>>ttfn
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