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Sunday, March 12, 2006
  The John Travolta Game
You all know that I'm crazy, so, go ahead and laugh at this post now. Earlier I was watching Kate and Leopold and told my Mom that Kate's assisstant in the movie and I have the same name, so, I was kinda connected to Hugh. That's when I saw this old photo of my Mom, my sister, and myself when we got to go see Charlie Daniels in concert. We got to go backstage and meet him and had our photo taken with him, very cool man. I was like 16, I think. Anyhew, that's when I came up with the John Travolta game. (You know, like the Kevin Bacon game?) It all starts with Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta and Mr. Charlie Daniels was also in it. Travolta also starred in a movie called Swordfish starring himself, of course,...

It also starred Hugh Jackman! So, by playing the John Travolta game, I'm connected to Hugh. I wonder if that makes me an honorary X-Man!@? (By the way, the last X-Man movie comes out on 5-26. Can't wait!!!) I know, I'm silly, but it's a fun game. Try playing it with anyone famous that you may have met and see who you're connected to. If you play, let me know!

I've also met Willie Nelson. I guess that makes me connected to Jessica Simpson. Now that's a connection that I could definitely live without. But, I guess it also makes me connected to Burt Reynolds. That's cool, just because of Smokey and the Bandit and all. But none are as cool as being connected to Hugh! Ha! Ha! MEOW!!!

You know how I said before that turning 30 didn't really feel any different? It more than kicked in this morning. It kicked my ass right out of the bed! I just thought that I would be at a totally different place in my life at this age and I woke up this morning feeling like a total fuck up. I mean, I always saw myself married with at least two kids by now. My life is the total opposite of what I'd imagined it would be by now. Maybe one day it'll happen for me or maybe it will not. I can't see what the future has in store for me, but, for the love of God, I think that with all of the hell that I've been through in my life that I deserve to be happy!

By the way, I'm still listening to my James Blunt CD. I just put it in and put it on repeat. It's very addictive! It's my new drug, better than a pill, right?

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