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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
  I Know, I'm An Idiot
I was just so excited yesterday when I was typing about my Jerry that I said that Jerry Rice was my favorite quarterback from Mississippi. I know damn well that he is and never was an NFL quarterback. He was the greatest wide receiver of all time scoring the most touchdowns ever until just recently. He still hold lots of records that will probably never be broken. I was just all cracked out about the Jeep and the anticipation of leaving work and all was just too much.

Well, Tom and Katie had their scientology conceived baby yesterday. Isn't that just super? I do like what they were told by the scientologist to name her, Suri. In Hebrew, it means "princess" and in Persian, it means "red rose". I do think that's a cool and unique name. I'm sure the lil girl will lead a quite unique life herself. She'll lead a very full life filled with scientology and walk like a zombie. I'm sure that she'll have to consult with their leader, I meant the scientologist, before buying her first pair of Manolo Blahniks. I know I had to call them before buying my first pair.

Oh dear! Tomorrow is Brando's appointment with Dr.Vet. I'm so scared that we're going to get bad news. I just cried about it yesterday. I know it was that I was just because I was putting up with Eliza. I was extremely overemotional. I was craving chocolate and french fries from McDonald's. I should have known that Eliza was on her way. She just always pops up out of nowhere. She's not normal and visits at the same time every month. I hate her!!! My stomach is hurting so bad right now that I'm not even sure if I'm going to make it to my kickboxing class or not. We shall see. Man, I'm so damn stressed about tomorrow. Like I asked yesterday, please, please, please, to all that are reading, please say a lil prayer for my Mr. Brando that he gets a clean bill of health tomorrow. I would just die if we got bad news.

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