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Friday, April 21, 2006
  I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane
Oh my aching ass! I wasn't hurting too bad after my kickboxing class, but after my workout and yoga last night, I'm one aching bitch today. I didn't know that you ass could hurt, literally! I'm not going to the Bahamas until next Thursday the 27th and coming home that following Tuesday the 2nd of May. I can't wait. I'll be staying on Paradise Island at the Atlantis resort. It's the nicest place there. It really is paradise. I was going to leave yesterday, but with Brando having to be medicated for the next couple of days and the fact that I have to be at work next Tues-Thurs for a new computer seminar, I just couldn't leave at the last minute like that. Don't get me wrong, I really, really wanted to just pack up my bikini and go far, far away, but I'll make it until next week.

I know what I'm doing this weekend. I was on my way to Dr. Vet's office which is about 30 miles from my house and actually took notice of my surroundings for the first time and noticed that there are like 10 flea markets between my house and Star. (Home of Faith Hill, I'm so proud!) Yes, I live in the cuuuntry!!! But anyway, I'm going to hit the flea markets in the morning. Of the subject, but I never really thought about it, but I'm originally from a few miles from where Tim McGraw is from and now I live a few miles from where Faith Hill is from and I hate both of their music. My sister once went through a Tim McGraw phase from hell and I took her to a few concerts. Oh the hell.

The first one I took her to was the George Straight festival in Nashville at Adelphia Coliseum where the Titans play NFL. I didn't mind much because we were staying at the Marriott and just walked there. It started at noon, so I had to start drinking at noon. The beer was two for six dollars and they were served in these HUGE 40 once cups. I didn't mind seeing Alan Jackson. I do like him. Let's just say that by the time Tim McGraw came out, it was dark and I was D-R-U-N-K and I liked him too! I really just loved seeing my sister's face light up when he came out and he started singing. HH started singing and dancing. So, my drunk ass jumped up and started dancing along with her. That was so unlike her because she is very shy, but she was having so much fun. Teachers often said that she would never get past the 2nd grade and she graduated from high school and to see her singing and knowing EVERY freaking word was just amazing to me. THEN...the shit started. This asshole security guard came by and told us that we had to sit down. Oh, hell no you didn't! I'll get you, you bastard! I was so pissed that I wanted Tim McGraw to apologize to her himself. I snuck backstage and was so mad there was no stopping me. I did find his manager and he offered to let her come backstage and meet Alan Jackson because Tim had already left. I was like, screw you. She came here to see Tim and we're both like 3ft tall and this asshole told us to sit down when there were giant rednecks in front of us dancing and he didn't say shit to them. I completely went off. He asked for her name and address and said that he would tell Tim what happened. I was just like, yeah right. I gave him the info and I'll be damned if she didn't get an apology letter from Tim along with his CD that was out at the time autoghaphed within the next few days with an invitation to Swampstock. It's the biggest redneck event in the world held every August just outside of Monroe, Louisiana in his hometown. So, what does the best big sister in the world do? She takes her lil sis to redneck fest.

Oh, the drama. We were up front because we got there really early and there was a group of "special" children up there with us. Some were blind, some had down syndrome and there was even a few in wheelchair's. We had our little area set up for the kids where they could see and enjoy the show. I swear when Faith Hill and Tim McGraw came out onto the stage the freaking rednecks plowed over these poor little kids. They literally knocked kids out of their wheelchair's and rushed the stage. I was fighting mad. My sister was pissed and said that she just wanted to leave. I helped to get all of the kids out of the mess and they ended up watching the show from the very back and after setting out in the hot sun all day long waiting for HH's man to sing. We stayed for a few songs and then left because we were just disgusted. Since then, we've not been to another concert and now HH prefers to listen to Pink Floyd and has stopped listening to crappy country.

Don't get me wrong. There is good country like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Dolly Pardon and others. Then there is crappy country like the "new" stuff that you hear on the radio.

Another subject...on my way to Dr. Vet's office yesterday, I had to pass the old vet's office that I used to take Tigger too until they told me she was fine and a month later, she had to die. I was just thinking about it and my blood started boiling. I wanted to just plow my Jeep right into their building. I couldn't let it go. I thought about it ALL day long. I have spoken with my lawyer and he said that I could sue them, but I don't want their money. There is no amount of money in the world that could replace her. I was at the gas station and saw the local Sheriff and was talking to him about it. He said that I should sue them and donate the money to the local Humane society. I thought that was a great idea. I went by there when I got of work on my way to my Yoga class and basically told the vet what I wanted to do was to start The Tigger Foundation. What the Tigger Foundation would be is a non profit organization all money is by donation only. I want the vet to write a check to the local Humaine society for at least 500 dollars in Tigger's name and I want to put a big jar in their office with her picture on it and what I want to do is to inspire the vets to speak to people that are having to have a loved one put to sleep about adoption and encourage them to at least give the Humane society a try. I never thought that I would love another animal again and I now couldn't imagine my life without Brando. He truly has saved me. I thought that the vet was just going to say, see ya in court, but he said for me to come by Monday and he'd have a check for 1000 dollars made out to the Humane society and I could put my jar out and come by every few months and pick it up. I was so happy that I just started crying. If this gets one animal adopted than it will all be worth it. I just didn't want Tigger to be another file. I wanted her memory to live on. It not only is going to live on. It's possibly going to help lots of other animals out there. I finally feel like I have some closure after all of this time.

I'm really excited about making my website pretty again. I'm going over to Preston's after work and he's going to help me and I'm even adding lots and lots of photos on here. I can't wait. I think we're going to do it like a whole new link. I'm going to have Tigger's photo put back up and then some. When you go to my photos, there are going to be different sections. There is going to be a Tigger section, a Brando section, a 1st boyfiend to break my heart twice section, a Pepe section, (I think that I'll just call the section with any photo of any x-boyfriend, called digging up the dead) there will be a section that is just photos of a few of my paintings the artwork section, then there is just going to be a random photo section of crazy photos of me over the years. I'm really excited about it. I think that it's going to make my website look really good and it will also give you a better idea of who these people are that I've been moaning about for so many years.

Not to mention that I'm really excited about visiting with Preston. It's been forever since we've seen eachother anyway. Of course there is going to be a NN and PS section. It would not be complete without one. Ok my hands are now hurting. I must be on my way. I hope that you check out the photos. Let me know what you think!!! I think that this was the longest entry ever. If you made it to the bottom, have a great weekend and don't let your baby drink and drive like Brittney Spears does, ok?

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