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Sunday, January 11, 2004
  Color Me Happy
I swear, people, it takes only the smallest things in life to make me happy. My “Precious,” doesn’t she look all prettified? It only took me 7 hours to figure out that I could simply go into my template and type in whatevah color that I wanted and it would appear. How freaking wonderful is that? I don’t know how to link, post photos, or even get my comments to work, but man oh! Man! I feel like an ART-IST!!! How sad is this? This has genuinely made me happy. Sad, indeed!! At least my “Precious” looks more beautiful than evah!! I’m seeking professional help next week. I need someone to walk me through all of this bullshit because I’m computer illiterate.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. I was once ugly too and it SUCKED!! (The girl figured out color and you’d think that she was just crowned freaking Miss America or something. No! No! Miss UNIVERSE!) At least now, I can change my color to match my mood. I guess I should go back and “paint it black.”

I guess that someone read my entry Grrrrrr…where I was bitching about my “so called” friends because I’ve gotten more phone calls today from “concerned” friends than ever. Ha! Ha! You all fell for it!! Hee! Hee! All kidding aside, PS, I love you and could never be mad at you. You are the one man in my life that is not going anywhere anytime soon. (If you even try, I’ll be forced to hunt you down and kick you square in the nuts!!)

The ULTIMATE personality test
I went to quizilla.com while playing with “Precious” and found that they have all kinds of stuff over there. They have quizzes, tests, etc. I took the ULTIMATE personality test and these are my results:
You are the Innocent of the personality types. Cute and almost childlike in your behavior and moods, which can be sunny one minute and stormy the next, you probably have a lot of friends that are drawn to your imaginative and fun loving nature.
You are direct and honest in your opinions, if a little blunt. A well adjusted Aesthete is cute and flirty but some of you stay too innocent for too long. Your naiveté attracts people but be careful not to get taken advantage of.

Is that me or what? Of course, I’m the trait that is CUTE. I’ve said this all of my life, but Smurfs are cute! I wanna be SEXY! I guess that is better than it saying, “Oh my God! You suck. You are the SHITTIEST of all the traits.” I don’t believe in all of this crap, but it is fun to see what you are labeled as being. Personally, I think that I ‘m more of an Exhibitionist or a Masochist.
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